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If you live in the Denver area, you already know what a fantastic place it is to enjoy life. This area is one of the busiest, filled with an unbelievable variety of events all throughout the year! You'll find a plethora of art festivals, film fests, wine & beer tasting events, fairs, sporting events, and just about anything you could imagine. No matter what your tastes may be, we can bet that you'll find something that you and your family & friends will enjoy. If there's a special event... You can bet that Denver Party Bus has provided our clients with unbelievable service for it whether the event is "outside the box" or something more typical. The only limitation, is how inventive you and your group can be (and possibly our service area)! You can rest assured though, that no matter what type of special occasion you have coming up... We can accommodate you with the best bus, and the best experience imaginable!

Of course, a big part of our event portfolio will include Weddings and related events of all shapes and sizes! Everything from wedding day luxury transportation, providing shuttle service for your wedding guests, making sure that your rehearsal goes off smoothly, and on to the ever fun and popular Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. You'll see that Denver Party Bus is the expert in everything to do with your wedding celebration.

Another big to-do for us is during Prom and Homecoming time for all the local High Schools. We love catering to these big days! We provide the safest transportation imaginable which gives parents great peace of mind on what can be a worrisome experience for them. While, your teen will love you because you're ensuring that they will be the talk of the evening as they pull up in the most stylish vehicle around. This truly is a win-win situation for all involved. Along the same ilk... We also provide the area's best experience in luxury transportation for other once in a lifetime events like a sweet-sixteen birthday parties or quinceaƱera celebrations.

Another great day for us is when we are hired to provide the transportation for your sporting event trips. You'll find that we take all of the stress out of these types of adventures, so that all you and your friends have to do is... Have fun! There will be no worrying about finding some obscure lot to park in, no concerns over fussing with traffic jams, and absolutely no thought of driving under the influence. There's no finer way to treat you and your group as you head out to see your favorite team win!

As we go further and further into the types of events we can do, we realize that really; there's no type event that we've ever shied away from. Lately, we've been getting more and more requests for posh black tie events as well as corporate functions like seminars and company meetings. Honestly, you'll find that there's no type of big day that we can't provide the highest luxury and the best overall client experience for!

Don't forget to think of us when you're planning your next night out on the town for bar hopping or even wine tasting! These are definitely excursions that you do not want to be behind the wheel for. Let us do the driving for you! We will get you there safely and with ultimate style.

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