Party Buses

34-36 Passenger Party Bus

Another great option for parties with a good amount of people to take along, is this amazing party bus as it will accommodate up to 36 people, bigger groups may want to look at one of our 50-55 passenger buses. Always road worthy as we have certified mechanics regularly inspect and maintain the mechanical portions of this amazing machine. Don't worry even a little bit about the interior as it always looks like new after our designated professional detailer will pore over every inch. On the road, your party atmosphere will be like no other with the color changing LED lighting on the walls, ceilings, steps and even the exterior. There is plenty of room to stand and walk around while you talk to your friends. There are also some amazing bar areas with coolers where we will pour ice so that you in turn can stock your favorites cold drinks.

  • Enjoy partying with up to 36 guests
  • Extraordinary interior design complete with top grade leather seats
  • Peerless mood lighting system that transitions through colors
  • Enjoy our "mobile bistro" with a large ice chest for your drinks
  • Excellent video monitor for music videos, movies, or a relaxing fireplace screen saver
  • AM/FM stereo, CD player, and iPod/MP3 player hookups
  • State-of-the-art sound system