Shuttle Buses

29-33 Passenger Shuttle Bus

If you're looking for a comfortable and clean shuttle bus, we've got you covered. With space for up to 33 guests, this shuttle bus is surely able to accommodate your needs. This great bus has high-back seating to provide superior comfort, tinted windows for privacy, overhead luggage space, and it offers a very quiet and comfortable ride. Something that you will be very pleased to know is that we have certified mechanics on hand that regularly inspect and maintain this vehicle. That means that this amazing shuttle bus is always road worthy and that you will get to your destination on time and in very good shape indeed. You also will be able to count on a very professional and experienced driver. We take your safety very seriously and all of our drivers are certified and know the area roads very well. The ride itself will be very smooth and you will actually feel like you are floating on air. So, what more could you ask for. Quality is our main concern in order to provide for our customers the best of the best. This is a great choice when you need to transport a group to or from your wedding ceremony and reception or corporate gathering.