Mesa County

Fruita Bars and Restaurants

The Fruita City, incorporated in the year 1894 is a Home Rule Municipality in western Mesa County, Colorado, USA. Fruita comes under the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area and is included in the Grand Valley. The City of Fruita started as a fruit producing region and was originally the native place of the Ute people, after founder William Pabor settled in 1884, different races of farmers came and settled here. Now, this is one of the hot spots fir outdoor sports like mountain biking, rafting, and hiking. The 2010 USA census showed the population here, near to 12,646. The increase in the demand for the outdoor and recreational sports like mountain biking, rodeos, hiking and horseback riding and more has made Fruita a tourist and adventurers destination, with the increase in tourism, the restaurants and pubs around here have also become really good and the best part is the variety of brews and beers available here, you are bound to develop a favorite drink if you visit this place. The restaurants here are laid back and serve great food and have a taste that lingers for days. Just reading the reviews won’t be enough if you don’t come and visit the places that don’t hold back the good things.

The Hot Tomato

124N Mulberry St, Fruita, CO 81521

(970) 858-1117

Located in Downtown Fruita and is quite spacious both on the patio and also at the back of the restaurant. The orders for pizzas and drinks are to be placed at the counter and then the staffs bring you your order. The ambiance is very calm and is a relaxed dining area, and the atmosphere is pleasant. There is a huge variety of pizzas, salads, appetizers, Stromboli and calzones. You must try the Sedona salad with gorgonzola cheese, chicken, pears, almonds, cranberries. The Badabing with ricotta, garlic, olive oil and spinach is great. You must taste the Palisade Peach Pizza; it's absolute heaven. The Stromboli is so good that you will like to marry it. You only have beer and wine here, but the gourmet soda choices are really nice. The staff is very friendly, and the service is very swift, and again the taste of every single item on the menu is unique in a good way.

Fat Jar Cannery & Brewhaus

152S Mesa St, Fruita, CO 81521

(970) 858-0701

(Closed) The place gives you a homely and countries like feeling with the ambiance and décor. This place is great to hang out with your pals and also has a fun time with the pool table, the shuffleboard, the darts and a lovely patio. This is what a perfect small town bar should look like. The beer available here is delicious and rightly priced. The taps are always full with different kinds of brews, and this place doesn’t skimp on drinks. This is basically a beer pub, and you can get some finger food at most. So you can take you sides if you want with BBQ food. The staff here is very friendly and jolly and also very accommodating. The laid back nature has already made it a common choice for hanging out in peace. This place is still not quite old but still is doing well with the local crowd, the inclusion of more food items in the menu will surely get things rolling.

Suds Brothers Brewery II

127E Aspen Ave, Fruita, CO 81521

(970) 858-9400

This place is for experiencing amazing burgers. The huge selection is very fresh and flavorsome. The dining area is very well set for a casual burger joint, the staffs are very friendly, and the service is also very satisfying and prompt. The bar is quite spread and has both pub tables and normal tables. The working microbrewery is a great attraction, and there are also taste tests. The beers available here are really nice, try the orange honey wheat beer and go for a Wit Bier after that. The Keep it Kummin, Hefeweizen is also great choices to opt. you can decide which one you want, and the level of bitterness is clearly mentioned on the menu. The Swiss Mushroom Onion is a great a choice; the Cuban sandwich is very nice. You must try the Bare Panini, the buffalo chicken sandwich, the pulled pork tacos and more. The best idea would be to try everything on the menu and visit this place again and again.

Cruisers Bar

715 Horizon Dr, Ste 100, Grand Junction, CO 81506

(970) 314-2554

This place is what it takes to make a shitty day good. Not exactly in Fruita CO, this is situated in Grand Junction and has a great atmosphere, the staffs are wonderful, and the bar here is amazing. The patio is great and also provides great service. There are a lot of games like pool tables, corn holes and more. There is a live band playing most of the times, and it is very soft and soothing. There are trivia games hosted here at times. There is a flat screen showing the latest games taking place. This is a great place near Fruita, and the pub is always packed. The bar is best among the neighboring places, and the drinks only setting does justice with the great beers available here, and the full bar also has some nice liquor. The place is already great, adding a kitchen will take it out of the world.

Warehouse 25 Sixty Five

2565 American Way, Grand Junction, CO 81501

(970) 628-4321

Also a little away from Fruita CO and settled in the place with most pubs and restaurants, this is one of the best places to hang out and is quite near to the part of town we’re talking about. The waiters, manager and the owners are very friendly and attentive. The bartenders recommend the perfect drink. The Very Cherry Limeade is amazing and also the Peach mule. There is also a great selection of beer. Moving on to the food, the appetizers are really nice , and the consistency of the hummus good and the pairing with pita bread with sliced carrots, capsicum, cucumber and bell pepper is delicious. The Tay Tot Burger is a big thing here and very delicious, you can also opt for other burgers on the menu, they are equally great, and also they have a vegan menu.