Jefferson County

Ken Caryl Bars and Restaurants

A world of exploration and fun awaits you at Ken Caryl. There is a little bit of everything at your disposal here including stunning limousines. Are you good at solving puzzles and riddles? Then you will want to pay a visit to the Golden Puzzle Room where you will be timed at trying to escape. Escape rooms like this are an absolute blast. Another unique opportunity here is a tour of local cannabis businesses where you can taste the local flavor. The botanical gardens is another place that is definitely worth a visit and where you can even try to work your way through a corn maze. But by far the amazing gem in this area is the beauty of the natural world which is going to make you stand up and take notice. The Rocky Mountain National Park is not too far away and one experience there will cause you to be at peace. Just the hiking that is available will have you smiling from ear to ear. There are over 355 miles of hiking trails at your disposal and the types of hikes you can take range from flat lakeside walks to steep mountain peak climbs. And once within the park, keep an eye pealed as you might see something that most people have not seen in the form of Bighorn, Elk or Mule Deer. We suggest that you stop by the visitor center and get some tips on where to head. When you are ready for nourishment, you will want to rush over to one of the amazing places below.

Marino's Pizzeria

9083 W Peakview Drive, Littleton, CO 80123

(303) 955-0373

Prepare yourself to be transported to Italy when you are sitting in this quaint and cozy establishment. Everything is about tradition here and that includes using only the finest ingredients in each and every entree. The special concoctions that come out of the kitchen is full of amazing flavor and amazingly light. All of their pizzas and calzones are cooked in a wood-fired oven. Along with how they are made you will also find fresh mozzarella, tomato cause, salami and the freshest vegetables. To pair with your amazing food, your server will find a fine wine that will be perfect.

Okinawa Sushi

12652 W Ken Caryl, Littleton, CO 80127

(720) 981-9088

The Mirage Sports Bar is one of the best places for sushi that you are going to find for miles around. Everyone knows that unless the sushi is fresh, you might as well not even attempt to consume it. But that won't be a problem here because the staff and the owners are always determined to make sure patrons will experience the tastiest and freshest sushi. We suggest their signature rainbow roll and sashimi ceviche. In terms of drinks, they serve up excellent beer, wine and sake. Entertainment is available as well as they have pool tables, shuffleboard, poker, video games, dart boards, and a lot of high definition televisions.

Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

10025 W San Juan Way, Littleton, CO 80127

(303) 972-1011

Comfort food abounds here and it always is wrapped in subtle flavors, freshness, simplicity and consistency. Authentic is another word we would use to describe this venue. The pizza is so tasty and there are a number of reasons why. First and foremost, the kitchen staff only uses world class ingredients. Also, they use brick ovens which gives the entrees a special taste and very enjoyable quality. One thing the owners have done as wlel is to make sure that the service staff are well trained and that they understand how to treat patrons like family and in a very special way.

The Castle Bar & Grill

6657 S Broadway, Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 798-5981

The Castle Bar & Grill is a bar that will make you feel at home immediately. This is a local hangout where regulars know that they are going to be treated with the highest level of customer service. They have great happy hour specials, a beer club, delicious food, live music, karaoke, a juke box, free WiFi and of course amazing drinks. They have 9 high definition flat screens that are strategically placed around the bar and they also have a massive 103 inch high definition projection screen. But the fun doesn't stop there as they also have billiards, cork dartboards and live trivia.

The Doghouse Tavern

3100 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80227

(303) 936-1376

If you want delicious beers (including seasonal beers), delicious food, friendly and fast service, then head over to the Doghouse Tavern. Doghouse even has veggie burgers for those with dietary constraints. All and all this is a place you'll love if you want a laid back, fun time with great food, drinks, and friends. This venue puts the neighborhood in neighborhood bar. The kitchen staff cooks up some of the best smoked wings and amazing tostadas style nachos. There are many different places to enjoy what you are having from the comfortable booths to the large patio to the bar itself. Join them soon, you are going to love it.