Jefferson County

Indian Hills Party Bus and Limo Rental

Being in Indian Hills is about one thing primarily and that is the phenomenal natural wonders that surrounds the place. Not only that, you'll find that there are numerous museums ready to tell you the story of the area and how it developed. If camping is your thing, you are going to love the various campgrounds available to you. There is also theater here and plenty of shopping opportunities as well as 270 parks within 15 miles of Indian Hills. But the gem of it all is the arguably the most popular national park in the United States (Rocky Mountain NP). The park offers unbelievable recreational and breathtaking moments. It is truly a hiker's paradise. You'll be able to hit the trail head and enjoy well over 300 miles of splendid, untouched nature at it's best. You will also be pleased to know that the level of difficulty ranges from beginner to expert. The trails range from flat and easy to a mountain climber's paradise... and, everything in between. Physical exertion is not the only way to see the phenomenal beauty, you can be driven in style on the roads of the park which gives visitors a chance to enjoy a scenic drive pretty much anywhere you would like to go in your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The differentiation of scenery includes lowland meadows, aspen groves, and high mountain vistas above the tree-line. The wildlife will astound you as you catch a glimpse of Bighorn, Elk and Mule Deer. Camping, fishing and horseback riding are also great activities for this area. And it doesn't lack for wonderful dining opportunities as the reviews below will show you.

Mac Nation Cafe

5514 Parmalee Gulch Rd, Indian Hills, CO 80454

(303) 974-5030

Mac Nation is a restaurant that will not simply satisfy your stomach, it serves to satisfy your soul. The menu here is as original as it can possibly get. Whether you have had a Cuban sandwich or not, you are going to want to sample the one they prepare and serve up here because it is a major delight. Much of their meat is smoked which gives it a very unique flavor. You can count on the food always being fresh and hot. You don't have to worry about leaving hungry because the portions that will be brought to your table are absolutely huge. You will also be delighted with the way in which the service staff treats you.

Twin Forks Tavern

19423 N Turkey Creek Road, Morrison, CO 80465

(720) 536-4191

Saying you are going to feel welcome at this amazing establishment is a major understatement. Everyone and that includes the staff, the owners, the staff, and even the regular patrons give you the feeling of arriving back at home. And the food that they prepare and serve up here is awesome, it is a cut about similar establishments. Two of our favorites are the beef medallions and the crusted mahi-mahi. The sauces are exceptional because they are tasty but not overpowering. For the perfect side dish, check out the scalloped potatoes. Everything that comes to you will be super fresh and the presentation is first rate.

Ace-Hi Tavern

1216 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80402

(303) 279-9043

We all love inexpensive drinks and great lively atmospheres and that is exactly what you will find here. Stop in for karaoke nights where the fun never seems to end. The friendly service staff makes this the type of place you will want to frequent often. The selection of beer and liquor is absolutely phenomenal. The bartenders not only know how to entertain, but they also know how to mix any kind of drink you might be interested in. So, we suggest that you put them to the test. The atmosphere is very relaxing and enjoyable. This is a special place that you do not want to miss.


6328 South Turkey Creek Road, Morrison, CO 80465

(303) 697-5000

The Rusty Bucket is a chill, laid back bar with satisfying food, great happy hour deals, and friendly service. There's plenty of high definition flat screens so there is always something good on to watch. This is the place to be when you want a guaranteed good time. The coffee choices here are going to blow you away and we suggest that you sample their macchiato which is always perfectly crafted. Don't miss out on your chance to peek through their sandwiches because they offer so many unique choices including one called Japapeno Peach. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Mirage Sports Bar

8340 W Coal Mine Ave, Littleton, CO 80123

(303) 979-9220

The Mirage Sports Bar a perennial favorite stop in this area for a good time and just good old fashioned fun. Great people, great food, great beer, and even games are available to ensure the time of your life. The Mirage has pool tables, shuffleboard, poker, video games, dart boards, and numerous high definition flat screens to watch any sport you wish. Check out their specials for the day because they can really save you a lot of money. The burgers are out of control delicious, full of tastiness, and beefy delicious texture. And the staff always seem to have things under control.