Jefferson County

Genesee Bars and Restaurants

When you lay your eyes on the phenomenal beauty of this area, you are never going to want to leave but you will want to explore it from a chauffeured party bus. Get ready for acres and acres of some of the most amazing views in the world. You will be able to enjoy scenic overlooks for viewing historic bison herd. And for some real special exploration, there are two mountains just waiting for you including Genesee Mountain at 8,284 feet and Bald Mountain at 7,988 feet. If you love to roam through the forest, you will have plenty of opportunity here. Not too far away is the ultimate when it comes to sightseeing and outdoor recreation in the form of the the Rocky Mountain National Park. Hiking is like a national pastime at this wonderful park and you will have access to over 355 miles of hiking trails. The range of difficulty is perfect because no matter where you are in terms of your hiking skill, there is a place for you here. For those who are less experienced and not as skilled, you can take flat lakeside strolls, for the more experienced hiker, there are challenging steep mountain peek climbs. The scenic drives provide some of the most breathtaking views you could ever imagine. Wildlife viewing is astounding as you will have the opportunity to see anything from Bighorn to Elk to Mule Deer. After all of your adventures, you are going to want to check out one of the amazing establishments below.

Colorado High Country Pizza

26291 Hwy 74, Kittredge, CO 80439

(720) 442-7772

One of the friendliest places around, you are going to want to get to this place and just hang out and make new friends. The waitstaff will make you feel right at home and they will make sure that you have everything you need or want in an efficient manner. The decor is wonderful and you will find yourself gravitating to the fireplace in order to relax. The pizza here is out of this world. It is New York style pizza and everything is made from scratch. The crust is hand tossed and they even have a gluten free version. There is also live music and dancing. You don't want to miss what is cooking here.

Blackbird Cafe and Tavern

25940 Hwy 74, Evergreen, CO 80439

(303) 658-0309

There is nothing like an amazing family owned restaurant and the view from this one is going to absolutely knock your socks off. The thought that customer service would be a number one priority is as it should be but we must say that at this wonderful venue they just don't talk a good game but they put their money where their mouth is. You will feel like you are the only patron in the place. The beverages are exceptional, we recommend a Bloody Mary or a Moscow Mule. The chips and salsa give you a good start but you have to sample the Buffalo Bill grilled cheese. Add this to your go to list.

Country Road Cafe

26490 Hwy 74, Kittredge, CO 80457

(303) 674-1178

Get ready for some of the most fun you have had in a very long time. The atmosphere is setup in such a way that you will be able to kick back and relax. And at the same time, you will be able to have quite a few laughs as you read the hilarious signs scattered throughout this venue. The menu is so large that it won't be difficult to find something for everyone in your group. And the portion sizes are so huge that you are not going to leave hungry that much is certain. The kitchen staff knows how to cook up breakfast food like noone else. Get here and let your taste buds run wild.

Black Hat Cattle

26295 Hilltop Drive, Kittredge, CO 80457

(303) 670-0941

We have all heard of the question about where the beef is. Well, we have discovered that it is alive and well at this establishment. The steaks here are so good you are not going to know what to do with yourself as you chomp on each bite. And pairing it with a delicious wine will only make your experience that much more pleasant. The quality of the food is outstanding as is the quality of the service staff. The servers make it a point to check on you often in order to ensure that you are having an amazing experience. They are going to have to drag you out of this establishment once you see what they have to offer.

Chart House

25908 Genesee Trail Road, Golden, CO 80401

(303) 526-9813

You need to visit this establishment if for nothing else than the phenomenal views from the hilltop. But while you are there, you might as well enjoy one of the best seafood meals that you can find anywhere. This is by far one of the top seafood restaurants in the entire area. The dining room is very elegant and charming. But truly, the kitchen staff know how to cook some of the most delicious shrimp, fresh fish and prime rib. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. Take your time when you visit this location because you are going to want to savor every minute that you spend here including one of their decadent desserts.