Boulder County

Nederland Bars and Restaurants

The town of Nederland is commonly called ‘Ned’ and is a legislative town situated near the Barker Meadow Reservoir in the southwest of Colorado and Boulder County in the United States of America. As per the census of 2010, the population here is 1,445, so you might probably be able to know everyone around here. After gold was found here in the 1850s, the town slowly started having an identity, and formally Nederland was recognized in the year 1874. Initially, this was a trading post between the Ute Indians and the European settler in the 1850s. Now Nederland, Colorado is one of the top destinations for recreational sports especially the outdoor ones. The Rocky Mountain National Park, the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and the Roosevelt National Park are the main attraction of these sports. Nederland has climbed in the ranks as one of the tourist attraction and because of this is the home of many great restaurants and bars. The food here is lip smacking with excellent décor, and almost all the pubs and bars offer regular live shows. The choice of beer is impeccable here and so is the choice of other spirits and cocktails. The décor of almost every bar and restaurant has its own history and story to tell. If you’re just passing by or stop at one of these places while you're rolling in one of our luxurious party buses , it is very safe to say the experience you have here will stay with you forever as a loving one.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar

35E 1st St. Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258-1100

This is a gem hidden in Nederland, Colorado. The live music here is amazing so is the band. The service is excellent, and the bar cum restaurant is quite spacey and well maintained. The Nashville Hot Chicken Wings are a must try along with the extra fries and dips. The beet or goat cheese salads along with the Korean chicken wings are a great combination. For more, you must try the Vietnamese style wings also. The unusual deep fried Oreo is a must try dessert. The selection of beer is excellent up here. What a night it would be sitting here with a Pug Ryan Pilsner and chicken wings of your choice. Both comfort food and delicacies are great here.

Crosscut Pizzeria and Taphouse

4E 1st St. Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258-3519

Starting with the aesthetics, the place has a nice view, and the atmosphere is also amazing with air filled with the heavenly smell of pizza. The staff is friendly, and the service is very fast. You can sit in out also on the patio with your choice of pizza and a good beer and love everything about it. This place had some amazing pizza toppings and loaded with gooey cheese. Other good things here are the appetizers, homemade lemonade, the meatballs, the fire-roasted Brussels sprouts along with polenta, the Tahitian vanilla ice-cream and much more. This is a foodie’s heaven. They have a considerably good collection of beer to choose from, and the price is very reasonable also.

Black Forest Restaurant

4 Big Spring Dr, Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 279-2333

This is a simple restaurant with very ordinary and simple décor which is a little old fashioned and also have simple dinnerware. The staff is very punctual and friendly and is super attentive. The food and its quality are the main focus at this place. The restaurant serves authentic German food in all its glory with the top notch ingredients and the best preparations. You must try the Bratwurst, Elk Goulash here and also the apple strudel and the schnitzels that are available here. The heavy German meals are the not just tasty, but they are an experience. There is a full bar available with a lot of choice in the alcohol end. There are live shows hosted here a lot. You’ll fall in love with the authenticity of this place.

The Caribou Room

55 Indian Peaks Dr, Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258 3637

This is a newly opened bar and also a great place to host and attend concerts and also chill out during weekends. Located in Nederland, CO it’s just 25 minutes from Boulder on the west. This place offers a great food and bar service. There are a professional kitchen and two well-stocked bars, and there is always local beer on the tap. A warehouse turned top grade place for food and merriment this place has an excellent menu from which you must try the Falafel pita, Street-Style Fish Tacos with Tilapia, Shredded Lime Cabbage & Guacamole and also the cookies rolled up in Tungsten Coffee Toffee. This solar powered venue is very eco-friendly, and you can hang around here being all fancy and also enjoy the local bands and artists with great lighting effects.

Pioneer Inn

15E 1st St., Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258- 7733

The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable and is always on their toes to suggest the best of things you can get here. The place is filled with a lot of history and is one of the oldest joint around Nederland. There are a lot of surprise on the menu and also live shows that you can enjoy regularly. The menu is huge, and you must taste the bison burger once and also the chicken tenders. You should positively try out the chicken fried steak, green chili, and chicken sandwich. The meals are great, and they surely know not to hold back the alcohol. Nachos with real cheese and a drink of your choice with the live music is an excellent combination. There is also a fenced patio, and the décor of the place gives it a feel of rustic and entertaining.