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Louisville Bars and Restaurants

Louisville, Colorado is rich in mining history as it developed as a mining community in 1877. Through rough patches, it has finally settled into a generous, homely suburban residential community like any other town. The place has a small population of 20,396 who are quite friendly and will take you back from the usual city squalor. It has been ranked one of the best places to live in the US, and it deserves it for its moderate weather and all the feeling that it offers the people. If you visit Louisville, you will surely like to look around the town and visit the Louisville Farmers Market to take some of your time out. In the perfect weather, you can try your hands at gold in the Coal Creek Golf Course or give a visit to the mining history of the Louisville Historical Museum. Louisville has one of the most beautiful bike trails in America, and you will enjoy a ride through Davidson Mesa quite close to the town, and a bonus is that it is pet-friendly. While in town you can enjoy the view of the seven peaks and all the open space that Louisville offers and you can breathe in some really fresh air. You can even take a dip with the children at the Louisville swimming pool. The homely little place really attracts people who love the feeling of suburban settlements.

One up the best things that suburban towns often offer is their variety of food that has the fresh earthy taste to them. The food is often fresh, and the earth-bound settings lift up the ambiance to a greater degree. Louisville being had some of the best breweries and restaurants where you can give yourself up tasting the mouth-watering food and refreshing drinks. The shops are often tucked into places and spread all over the town, but it is worth finding them and having some food fun. We are giving you five of the places that we really like, and it will be great if you pay them a visit on your trip to Louisville, Colorado. But if for some reason none of these places strike your fancy feel free to try visiting neighboring Caribou for their amazing offerings.

The Huckleberry

700 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027

(303) 666-8020

The place is quite well known throughout the town for its ambiance and location. If you are a desert person and really feel the sweet craving soar up you, do need to visit this place. The serve country style breakfast, lunch and dinner and has some great stuff on the menu which do not cost very much. The restaurant is situated in the historic Downtown area of Louisville and the building that houses the restaurant dates back to 1894. It is a must visit for you to feel the history that it houses and the menu that claims to please everyone. They also have some great options in bottled beer and wine and also specialty house drinks. Their food is made from ingredients freshly coming from their farms which will make them more appetizing.

12 Degree Brewing

820 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027

(720) 638-1623

As the name goes by brewing it houses one of the best beer options that you will get by in the town. They have excellent food, and the ambiance will heighten your experience. The place has a great selection of Belgian-style beers which regulars seem to love a lot. Catch up on the pizzas and beers, and you have a brilliant night in your hands. The beers that you can drink without any regret are Treachery, Cerberus and Fox x Rouge. The bar will give you the old American feel and will definitely make you a little tipsy with all the drinks that it has to offer. You will definitely love the crowd that it gathers throughout the night, and it is a place that you do not want to miss at any cost.


809 S Main St, Louisville, CO 80027

(303) 993-2094

If you are the burger and music kind of person, then this is the place for you. The uniquely lighted setting that has the best music is town also delivers some great food and drinks to its customers. You can dig into the hot fries with some live music to make you dinner date even more special. The food is made every day from scratch, and they have handmade cocktails available for the customers each day. They offer some premium drafts which will make your taste buds crave them more. Do not forget to get the Waterloo Margarita if you play them a visit.

Henry’s Bar & Grill

935 Pine St, Louisville, CO 80027

(303) 665-9966

This place is for the folks who love the old town feel and will definitely let you taste old Louisville in the right way. The good cheap beer and the traditional style burgers will fill you up and make you realise the heritage of the town. The food is super affordable, and the ambiance will let you mix with the locals. The place is very cozy and offers one of the best Egg rolls. So, visit the place and dig yourself into some good wings and try your hands at the games they offer like pool, darts and enjoy the heritage of old America again.

Gravity Brewing

1150 Pine St. Unit B, Louisville, CO 80027

(303) 544-0746

As we said, Louisville is quite renowned for its breweries, and this is among the best of them. The well-lit place has a selection of beer that will tingle anyone’s taste buds. They take their brewing seriously to present to your different pallets for everyone. They are well known for their nice ambiance, good food and choice music. They have all kinds of beers from Belgian to Barrel Aged and offers fun games like pool and ping pong. If you have an outing planned they even offer 12oz cans (6-packs) and 750 ml bottles for you to enjoy with the view. Do not forget to check out the various pizzas they offer.