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Longmont Bars and Restaurants

Longmont, Colorado has a unique history that may not be known by a lot of people around the globe. Longmont was brought into the picture by a group of few people all the way from Chicago, Illinois in 1871. It was primarily known as the Chicago-Colorado Colony. This was the first community that was planned in Boulder County, and grid plans were laid out for city’s streets. The city flourished as an agricultural community, and during the 1940s, Longmont developed rapidly. Longmont was marked as the 2nd safest city in Colorado in 2011. Longmont is the hub of the brewing industry and also a stop for many recreational and tourist attraction, the local breweries are a must visit and also the close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park makes Longmont a home for excellent restaurants, bars and hotels perfect place to call us to make a reservation for a luxury party bus or limousine to really take in all the festivities in style. The skydiving is the best recreational facility available in Longmont, Colorado. There are more fun activities like skiing; snow sports, rock climbing and bicycling are also common in Longmont. But to talk of food and drinks, welcome to the place where you can explore various unique brews and food to tickle and pleasure your taste buds. The restaurants and bars here at Longmont are top in quality and also very satisfying.

Left Hand Brewing Co.

1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO, USA

(303) 772-0258

Rated as the best place for crafted beer and also a pub-like an ambience for the grub, Left Hand Brewing Company is the best place to go in any of the mountain states. This restaurant was set by a group of college mates who turned homebrew to a piece of art and quality. The fan base and the business stretch have expanded speedily since the start of the restaurant. They have been awarded for the World Beer Cup and also the Great American Beer Festival. All the perennial, seasonal and limited beers are a must try when you check in here. This is one of the breweries that maintain an ecologically sustainable restaurant and strictly follows the green principles.

Pumphouse Brewery

540 Main St, Longmont, CO, USA

(303) 702-0881

Originally a fire station and an ice staking rink was torn down and reconstructed that became the home of this Pumphouse Brewery in 1996. The pub is famous for the Irish feel and is reputed as an excellent sports bar, and the interior of the pub still has the feel of the fire station and the quirks of the past. All the pumphouse points are a must try and for a late night eat-in do try the chilli Verde fries, spicy sweet potato wedges and also the soft baked pretzels. The staffs are very courteous and also attentive; the ambience will take you straight to the heart of Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is a busy and lively day here.

Mike O'Shay's Restaurant & Ale House

512 Main St, Longmont, CO, USA

(303) 772-0252

Established in 1981, Mike O’Shay’s Restaurant and Ale House is the longest running restaurant in Longmont, Colorado. The couple that own this place have been consistent and have seen a lot of the local competition and yet are going strong with the top notch service that they provide here. The dishes here are free from any copying and are based on the classic Irish-inspired cuisine. But they also have a menu to keep up with the gluten-free demand. The Raspberry Chipotle Salmon Salad is one of the best dishes, and a must try. The dessert menu is pure heaven and has an award-winning pastry chef. The Emerald Isle Salmon, a Guinness and Sawtooth Ale should definitely be on the menu you select. The ambience is very nice and has an appeal of the long years it has served Longmont.

Still Cellars

1115 Colorado Ave, Longmont, CO, USA

(720) 204-6064

This place is a gem in Longmont, Colorado for anyone who is a little artsy and enjoys some nice spirits. The décor and atmosphere are unique from most of the bars in Longmont, the décor is very tasteful and inviting and feels very cozy and the walls are a pure show of aesthetics. This distillery or art house provides heavenly cocktails and other alcohols. Live shows are very common here, and the ambience compels you to try a new drink and tap your feet to the acoustic performances that take place here. The food and beverage menu is amazing for both who is a heavy or light drinker. The cocktails are so good that you must put aside the beer and try all of them. The French press coffee, Apple Straight-up Brandy are the must try concoctions here.

Wibby Brewing

209 Emery St, Longmont, CO, USA

(303) 776-4594

Not all the breweries have something that you will get at Wibby, that’s lagers. The complete focus on the lagers among all the ale breweries of Longmont has made this a standout and a unique name. The Longmontians are the staple drink to try here. Wibby provides both indoor and outdoor sitting space that provides a much laid back vibe and has TVs, food trucks and more. Coming back to the beers, they are all very crisp and tasty. The staff and service are very friendly, and they hustle around with a smile. The service they offer is of top quality and they also help you decide your choice of drink if you’re a novice here. Thursday night cater to many live shows and football games on the flat screens. The IPL (hopped lager) is amazing. The IPA is also good and has a lingering taste of traditional lager.