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Cresman Bars and Restaurants

Stop just for a minute, look around and you will quickly realize that you are in paradise. The natural beauty that surrounds Cresman is hard to put into words. In fact, we would say that the this is the kind of scenery that is better felt and experienced than described. The one thing that you want to make sure and do in this unbelievable wonderland is to explore as much of Rocky Mountain National Park as you possibly can. You definitely want to bring your hiking boots because there is over 355 miles of hiking trails and the places to hike range from flat lakeside strolls to steep mountain climbs. But don't worry, if you are more of a sit and drive around kind of person, there is a network of roads that provides amazing access to lowland meadows to aspen groves to swift flowing rivers to sub-alpine forests. Whichever way you decide is the best way to see the park, you will want to be on the lookout for wildlife like Bighorn, Elk and Mule Deer. Picnicking is another amazing way to enjoy the pristine beauty of this natural wonder. So, plan on any other number of ways to enjoy the park including camping, fishing and horseback riding. And don't worry about recharging your batteries because your pampered limousine ride and the venues below can do that just fine.

CreekView Grill

9650 Antler Creek Dr, Peyton, CO 80831

(719) 494-1900

CreekView Grill is a fantastic place to stop and savor a mouth watering hamburger or Prime Rib Sandwich or even a tasty pasta dish. It's located conveniently on Antler Creek golf course so you can really relax and enjoy yourself here. The place is well kept and the scenery is very nice to look at while you relax. The menu is very diverse and there is definitely something for everyone. The bar service is just excellent and we appreciate the moderate pricing. The specials are always good and they definitely help you to save some dough. Nice outdoor seating and TVs for sports too. So, if you need a place to relax, here it is.

The Bar

7685 McLaughlin Road, Peyton, CO 80831

(719) 559-4010

The Bar may have the most generic name around, but the dining and drinking experience here is anything but ordinary. You are going to be blwon away by the fact that the ambiance is so cozy and charming. They really know how to do the holidays up right when there are Christmas movies playing on TV and nice ice cold draft beers to warm you up inside. The burgers are absolutely superb and if you are in the mood to bust a move, there is even a dance floor. The location is large enough so that three is plenty of room for groups but yet its also a prefect place to bring a date. For the sports minded, there are numerous high definition televisions. Everything you need is here.

Frankie's Too!

7376 McLaughlin Rd, Falcon, CO 80831

(719) 495-8707

Frankie's Too! is the kind of place that you'll just love having on your go to list. The atmosphere is lively and fun. It seems like they're reaching for full restaurant status here, but it's got more of a bar-with-great-sandwiches vibe. But in the end that is not going to matter because those sandwiches are what we love best about this wonderful establishment. The prime rib sandwich is our absolutely the top favorite here. Also, the California turkey sandwich is exceptional in terms of taste and texture. The Cobb salads are superb and a nice nod to the original Brown Derby creation. The chips and fries are both great side dishes.

The Cow Pub & Grill

5885 Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

(719) 465-1704

The Cow Pub & Grill is a spot that's taken good care of area regulars and visitors alike. And you just can't beat the convenient location. This fun sports bar and pub is the kind of place where you'll want to spend hour after hour and it is going to be very easy to lose track of time. But in the meantime, you will have a chance to indulge in delicious bar fare as well as sipping cocktails or slugging back beers. The supreme chicken nachos are a particular favorite and you are going to want to check out the rooftop bar when the weather permits. Entertainment includes beer pong on Tuesdays and Karaoke on Wednesdays. Live bands on the weekends bring a different dynamic.

R&R Coffee Cafe

11424 Black Forest Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

(719) 494-8300

R&R Coffee Cafe should be your favorite destination in the area and for very good reason. If you love a great mug of joe or a nice cup of tea, this is the place to be. Breakfast and brunch are the times to be here, no doubt, and some of our favorite choices here include the baked oatmeal, the french toast, the corned beef hash, and of course the homestyle biscuits and gravy. They offer beautiful indoor seating and also gorgeous outdoor seating as well, and while they offer free wi-fi so you can get some work done or just stay connected to your world, there are no blaring TVs in the vicinity, so it is a very pleasant atmosphere. The coffee options here will astound you and make you smile.