Arapahoe County

Byers Bars and Restaurants

With so many amazing things to see and do in and around Byers, Colorado. For animal lovers, the nearby Wild Animal Sanctuary is designed specifically for the animals and that provides the public a wonderful opportunity to see them in more of a natural habitat. What is unique at this venue is that there is no ground level viewing. Instead, there is a 1 mile long catwalk for viewing. When you are ready to switch gears, you can check out the Denver Botanical Gardens. Your eyes and mind will not believe the color bursting out from all of the phenomenal flowers. There are also a number of museums you can tour and speaking of tours you don't want to miss the Denver Microbrew Tour. Whether you want to be very active and stay outdoors or you feel like relaxing and staying indoors, you'll love your chauffeured limo trip. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a huge part of all that goes on in the area. With all of the amazing beauty for you to view, you don't want to miss all that this park as to offer. You can be as active as you want to be with all of the various camping opportunities and wonderful hiking trails stretching over 350 miles. The flexibility of the trails here allows a wide range of skills to use them. If you feel more comfortable with flat lakeside strolls, there are plenty of those waiting for you but if you want a challenging uphill climb that is there as well. When you are finished, check out the establishments below.

Country Burger

31 W Bijou Avenue, Byers, CO 80103

(303) 822-9249

The best thing that can be said about this wonderful establishment is that the food and service far exceeds patron's expectations. The taste of the food, the quality of the cooking and the customer service shine at all times. They must take customer service very seriously because the staff seems genuinely interested in whether each and every patron has the time of their life. Your choices in terms of burgers is truly astounding, be sure that you really take your time and make sure that you make the right choice for your tastes. Your food will come soon, get ready for yummy goodness.

Golden Spike Lounge

241 N Main St, Byers, CO 80103

(303) 822-5666

Will you have your needs met here? Let's just put it this way, you will have your needs met and so much more. The patio area provides a great place to sit while you wait for your food and you can either relax and chill out for awhile or you can play a game. There is a jukebox with some very good tunes just waiting for you to hit a button. Also, pick up a bean bag and play the bean bag game. But in the end, the reason folks come here is to drink some of the best beers and mixed drinks that you will find anywhere. One visit and you will be hooked we promise.

Aviator Bar & Grill

5200 Front Range Pkwy, Watkins, CO 80137

(303) 261-4054

Even though the name bar is part of this establishment, it is truly so much more than that. They actually serve up some great breakfast food here as well. We suggest that you show up here hungry and let your stomach be your guide. Check out the Buffalo Blue or the breakfast burrito, you will not be disappointed in the least. Something else that you will be very impressed with are the talented bartenders. They have such great personalities and their knowledge of drink concoctions is absolutely out of this world. Don't forget to save room for their brownie, you will be happy you did.

China Kitchen

200 S 1st St, Bennett, CO 80102

(303) 644-3100

When it comes to Chinese cuisine best choices in town and for miles around. Menu items like the crab cheese wontons, shrimp fried rice and hot and sour soup are not just extremely satisfying but you will find yourself dreaming about them and craving them until you can get your fix. Did we mention the orange chicken? Out of this world in terms of taste and texture. The owners are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and don't be surprised if they end up at your table to ask about how your experience is going. What is not to like about this special place?

High Plains Diner

250 E Colfax Ave, Bennett, CO 80102

(303) 644-5055

One foot inside of the door and you will be greeted by smiles and salutations. Watch out for their burrito because it is absolutely huge. Somehow, someway, they stuff two pounds of food into one of them. Home cooking is a source of pride in the kitchen. And the variety on the menu is going to astound you. It is like reading a book but for patrons that is a very good thing because you never know what you are going to crave. Another bonus here is that the wait times aren't very long to get your food which if you are hungry is a real positive. We highly recommend this venue.