Adams County

Sherrelwood Bars and Restaurants

The community of Sherrelwood is one of those areas that seemingly has it all. There are so many attractions and things to do, it is inviting to the resident and visitor alike. Do you like art and learning about local history? Well, you can fill that need here. Do you crave the nightlife? That is certainly available as well. Whether you just like to kick back and relax or you are one that pursues a more active lifestyle, you will find something to satisfy you here. But the true winner here is the person who loves natural beauty and becoming a part of it. With the Rocky Mountain National Park on the doorstep of Sherrelwood, you cannot escape the beauty of the area. Hiking and trails are always just a few steps away and you don't have to worry about covering the same ground twice with over 355 miles of hiking trails available to you. If viewing the sights from the car is more your speed, no problem, the park has a road system setup that will give you amazing access to views that are unique to only this area and we have the perfect Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for a peaceful tour. For those you love wildlife, you will certainly have your fill here as well and don't be surprised if your eye catches a glimpse of Bighorn, Elk, Mule Deer and many other kinds of exotic wildlife. Then when you are read, check out some of the phenomenal establishments below.

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

2835 W 72nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030

(720) 336-3015

Everyone knows that if you are going to visit a Mexican restaurant, it must be authentic. The owners and the staff here known Mexican food like the back of their hands. And for you that means great things. Your taste buds will be exploding and in fact you might even break into dancing a jig when you experience how tasty everything on the menu is. The staff takes great pride in making sure that each and every customer is completely satisfied when they leave. The tasty recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Get ready to feel like you are eating at Grandma's.

Goody's Eatery

3010 W 72nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030

(720) 328-8638

Get ready for the surprise of your life. The breakfast food they offer up here is so amazing that you are not going to believe you are tasty such outstanding fare. We recommend the Chile Rellenos and Eggs. And if you need a fallback, check out the Steak and Eggs. You will love the fact that all of the servers are very attentive and will make sure that your food arrives in a timely manner and well presented. As far as ambiance, the place is clean and has a very comfy and cozy feel to it. By the way, the portions are huge and you won't have to eat for quite awhile.

Yorkshire Fish & Chips

7275 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80221

(303) 428-4644

We can guarantee you one thing when you visit this fine establishment. You will be chanting one thing over and over again: fish, fish, fish. And you won't care who hears it either. The fish they serve up here is unbelievable in every way possible. The taste and texture are out of this world. You also can order scallops or shrimp. But we suggest that you start off with the cod which is so nicely cooked and battered. This establishment has been in business for over 70 years and that says a lot about it. So, get here soon for some top quality fare.

El Fogon

621 W 84th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80260

(303) 427-2477

Get ready to fall in love with this quaint establishment. There is a quiet atmosphere here that is perfect for catching up with friends and family. The servers are super knowledgeable and they aim to please. The chips and salsa is perfect and you are going to have to guard yourself against filling up on them before your actual entree comes. The usual suspects are all here but the difference is the fact that everything is cooked to perfection. The mixed drinks here are so well made and you don't want to miss the Cadillac Margaritas.

China Bowl

7230 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80221

(303) 429-2617

One word of warning in regards to this establishment. When you see the outside, don't worry and don't let it discourage you from trying this venue. The food is definitely worth the price of admission. We have many suggestions but if we had to narrow down our recommendations we would have to say try the curry chicken or their out of this world orange chicken. You can definitely expect to consume enough food to satisfy you for several hours but more than that, be prepared to leave with a doggie back. One more thing, don't miss the hot and sour soup.